Wireless Water Leak Sensor Zigbee Temperature + Humidity

Wireless Water Leak Sensor with Temperature and Humidity

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The WaterPuck is a Zigbee wireless water leak sensor with integrated temperature sensor and optional humidity (%RH) sensor. It works with the Raspberry Pi wireless shield to give a complete water leak monitoring solution for any application.


  • Stand Alone Operation
  • Sensors Sampled Every 4 Seconds
  • Uses Standard "AAA"  Batteries (2, not included)
  • Zigbee® Wireless (Module sold separately)
  • Audible Alarm
  • Red Alarm LED
  • Blue Power LED
  • Test Pushbutton


Wireless: Zigbee® Wireless (802.15.4 ISM 2.4 GHz)
Range: Typically up to 100 feet indoors.
Higher Powered Units Available
Sensors: Water Conductivity Sensor via Stainless Steel Contacts
Internal Temperature Sensor Range: -40 to +80 °C
Battery: Alarms and Transmits on Low Voltage
Alarm Indicators: Red LED Flashes Every 4 Seconds When in Alarm Condition
Audible Alarm @ 75dB Beeps Every 4 Seconds When in Alarm Condition
Alarm Thresholds: Programmable through the RPI Enviro Cloud interface.
Transmission will occur when Alarm Thresholds are crossed:
  • LOW WARNING Threshold
  • LOW CRITICAL Threshold
  • HIGH WARNING Threshold
  • HIGH CRITICAL Threshold
  • Differential (Difference between Alarm and Return to Normal Threshold)
  • Delta (Transmission on change of variable)

    Programmable Communication Intervals via Enviro-Cloud:

    • Normal Pulse Time (Typically every 4 hours)
    • Alarm Pulse Time (Typically every 30 minutes)
    • Offline Pulse Time (Typically every 10 minutes)
    Battery: Qty 2 "AAA"  Batteries
    Up to one year operating life under normal operating conditions, longer life with Lithium Batteries
    Enclosure: Sold Separately