Raspberry Pi and Wireless Temperature Sensors

Wireless temperature sensors have a wide range of applications. The VP-TX195 by VP Process Inc. is a new 5 point wireless temperature sensor that operates on 2 AA cells and communicates with the RPi with Zigbee.

The Raspberry Pi wireless shield will operate with either the 2.4 GHz Zigbee modules or the 900 MHz Series S3B modules.

The wireless 5 point temperature sensor uses 10K thermistors, and uses the same circuitry covered in a previous blog post found here. The first temperature sensor is located on the PCB itself, and the other 4 temperature sensors can be located up to 10 feet away from the PCB.

The design is based on a PIC18LF14K22 processor, and all of our PIC based designs provide the ICSP programming port. That way, every unit can be used as a development platform when coupled with the Microchip PicKit3 programmer/debugegr tool.

Here is a picture of the reverse side of the PCB:

The design uses our battery power circuit and we expect to get up to 1 year of battery life using standard Alkaline AA batteries. The program transmits the temperature on a programmable "Pulse" time, Alarm Threshold crossing, or a programmable "Delta" temperature. This allows for a relaxed "Pulse" of 4 hours and yet capture all important temperature events.

Once the test programming is complete for the RPi 3 itself, we have a new wireless shield in the design stages and the package should be released by mid June.

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