PoE Power Over Ethernet WL-MIO Systems

WL-MIO PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Edge Computing, Monitoring and Control

The WL-MIO PoE (Power Over Ethernet) System is a versatile solution for various applications that require edge computing, monitoring, and control. By utilizing a WL-MIO system with a Raspberry Pi, you can easily measure sensors, transmitters, and provide analog outputs, relay contact outputs for control, and remote displays, while only needing to power it with a single ethernet cable.

WL-MIO-PoE Demo System


In our example demo unit shown above, the WL-MIO system has the following components:


  • VPE-6000-N Backplane

  • VPE-6010 Power Supply Module

  • VPE-6160 PoE Module

  • VPE-6020H Raspberry Pi Carrier Module with HART modem

  • VPE-6180 Analog Input Module with 8 channels of 4-20 mA Inputs

  • VPE-6140 Analog Input SDAFE module 4 channels of mA of VDC Input

  • VPE-6150 Analog Output Module with 4 channels of 4-20 mA Outputs

  • VPE-6190 RTD Input Module with 3 channels of 2, 3 or 4 wire RTD inputs


To the right of the backplane is a Rosemoumnt 2088 two wire pressure transmitter with HART.


To the left of the backplane is the VP-EC-RDU-DIN LCD Modbus RTU LCD display.


Powering the WL-MIO system is a Phihong Single Port Power Over Ethernet power injector Model: POE60U-1BT.


The simple demo software performs the following functions:


  • The VPE-6010 module reads the current draw on the 24 VDC and communicates with the Raspberry Pi using the CAN protocol

  • The Rosemount 2088 is connected to the HART connection on the VPE-6020H carrier module and is read by the program using the HART protocol

  • The VP-EC-RDU-DIN display shows the Rosemount ma and pressure readings, the field voltage and current draw using Modbus RTU communications protocol over RS485

WL-MIO PoE Demo System Simplified Block Diagram


WL-MIO PoE Power Over Ethernet Demo System Simplified Block Diagram



  • The power injector module provides power to the outgoing ethernet data cable which has a maximum length of 100 meters

  • The VPE-6160 isolates the incoming data and passes it to the Raspberry PI installed on the VPE-6020 (H) carrier module

  • The VPE-6160 isolates the incoming power from the incoming data ethernet cable and transfers it to the isolated 24 VDC 1.5A power supply

  • The output 24 VDC of the VPE-6160 PoE module is connected to the power input of the VPE-6010 power supply module


The output 24 VDC has a top current limit of 1.5 A, typically that would be enough to power one WL-MIO system backplane as shown in the demo system.


VPE-6160 PoE Module Layout

VPE-6160 PoE Power Over Ethernet Module Layout

VPE-6160 PoE Module Block Diagram

VPE-6160 PoE Power Over Ethernet Module Block Diagram


VPE-6160 PoE Module Field Wiring Connections

VPE-6160 PoE Power Over Ethernet Module Field Wiring Connections


A starter kit, the WL-MIO-KIT-PoE is now available for 399.95 US.

WL-MIO-KIT-PoE Power Over Ethernet Starter Kit