Node-RED and the PI-SPI-DIN Series

Node-RED and the PI-SPI-DIN Series


The PI-SPI-DIN series of I/O modules now have Node-RED support for the following modules:

  • PI-SPI-DIN-8AI Analog Input
  • PI-SPI-DIN-4AO Analog Output
  • PI-SPI-DIN-8DI Digital Input
  • PI-SPI-DIN-4KO Relay Output

To use Node-RED with the PI-SPI-DIN series, please follow these instructions:

1. Install the Widgetlords libwidgetlords libraries as outlined in:

Getting Started with PI-SPI Libraries

2. In the /boot/config.txt file, make sure the line


is present and comment out other widgetlords dtoverlay statements

3. Install npm. This can be done from a terminal by running:

sudo apt install npm

4. Start Node-RED from

RasPiMenu -> Programming -> Node-RED

5. Open a web browser on the RPi and go to


6. Click on the hamburger menu in the top-right and then select

Manage Pallette

7. On the install tab search for:


8. Install the



Once successfully installed, the Widgetlords Nodes should be available!

Here is a typical window showing a sample Flow using the PI-SPI-DIN series