WL-MIO PoE Power Over Ethernet Input/Output I/O Modules Kit

WL-MIO-KIT-PoE I/O Modules

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WL-MIO PoE Power Over Ethernet Starter Kit

This WL-MIO starter kit contains the follow I/O Modules:

  • Qty. 1 VPE-6000-N Backplane
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6010 5 VDC Power Supply
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6020 Carrier Card for Raspberry Pi
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6160 PoE Power Over Ethernet I/O Module
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6180 8 Channel 4-20 mA Input I/O Module

Raspberry Pi and SD card sold separately.

This kit contains everything you need to get started with the WL-MIO Multipurpose Process Controller and Power Over Ethernet applications. Just add your own Raspberry Pi and SD card. Download the wlmio library and demo code from our GitHub website.

For more information, please visit wlmio.com

WL-MIO PoE Power Over Ethernet Starter Kit