Pi-SPi-8KO Raspberry Pi Relay Output Module

Pi-SPi-8KO Raspberry Pi Relay Output Interface

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The all new analog input interface for the Raspberry PI is here! The Pi-SPi-8KO has 2 SPDT relays and 6 relay signal outputs. Each signal output can drive a FET or transistor switch.

The design is based on the 74HC595 serial shift register, and has an LED indicator (Active) for each output.

 Node-Red support is now available.

The GPIO expansion port is duplicated on either side of the module, so more modules can be added.

Port Pins Used:    

CS_8KO    (GPIO8)


  • Identical foot print to the RPi 3
  • Separate field power input (24VDC) for relays
  • Each module has its own 3.3VDC LDO regulator operating from the RPi 5VDC bus
  • No loading on the RPi 3.3VDC bus
  • Terminal Blocks for relay contact and output signals
  • LED indicators for power
  • 2 Omron G5LE-14 DC24 Relays (UL,CSA, EN Standards Approved)
  • LED ON Indicators for each Relay and signal output

Pi-SPi-8KO Accessories:

  • Pi-SPi-PS-24VDC Field Power Supply
  • Pi-SPi-CABLE-40x26-2 (40 Pin to 26 Pin x 2") Required to connect to RPi
  • Pi-SPi-CABLE-40x40-2 (40 Pin to 40 Pin x 2")
  • Pi-SPi-CABLE-26x26-2 (26 Pin to 26 Pin x 2") Required to connect to PI-SPI Module
  • Pi-SPi-MTG-HDW Mounting hardware 4x1/2" Aluminum spaces c/w 8 4-40 Stainless Steel Screws

NOTE: All Accessories Including Ribbon Cables Sold Separately



PCB Layout

Sample Software (Python)

Please download the latest Widgetlords libwidgetlords library. The instructions can be found at

Getting Started with PI-SPI Libraries

All of the sample code examples are based on the latest library installation. Please note the code samples all use Python 3.

Basic Python "Write" Relay Output Program:

from time import sleep
from widgetlords.pi_spi import *

relays = Mod8KO()

while True:
    relays.write(0x01)   # Relay 1 ON

The PI-SPI-8KO sample code programs and instructions can be found at

PI-SPI-8KO Python Code Samples

A complete set of Python demo code examples for the PI-SPI and PI-SPI-DIN series can be found on our GitHub repository:


We have just added a DIN Rail Mounting Kit for the Raspberry Pi and the PI-SPI series!

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