Gas Sensor Transmitter for Figaro Series TGS and MQ Series Solid State Sensors

Gas Sensor Transmitter for Figaro Series TGS and MQ Series Solid State Sensors

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The Model: VP-TX100-SS

The VP-TX-100-SS is the inexpensive alternative for gas detection and environment monitoring. The combination of analog 4-20 mA output and the  RS-485 digital port makes this unit the ideal choice to connect to analog controllers and digital PLC’s. The wide choice of Solid State Gas Sensors provides accurate level readings with a life span of up to 7 years under normal applications.

The on board temperature sensor and optional remote temperature sensor can be read directly from the RS-485 port or with the LCD display.

The user interface consists of a Status LED, three pushbuttons, an audible and a 2 line x 8 character backlit LCD. The Status LED indicates OK, Low, Mid, High and Fault Alarms. The three pushbuttons and LCD provide a convenient calibration method. There are NO potentiometers, all calibration, sensor selection and setup is performed digitally. All variables are stored in the processor’s flash memory.

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  • 5mm Barrel Plug and Terminal Block
  • Solid State Sensor Input
  • TGS-826 – Ammonia Gas (NH3)
  • TGS-832 – Freon (R-134a)
  • TGS-813 – Methane, Propane (CH4, C3H8)
  • TGS-822 (MQ3) – Carbon Monoxide, Alcohol (CO, ALC)
  • On-Board Temperature sensor for Sensor Compensation
  • Remote Temperature Sensor Input (10K Therrmistor)
  • 4-20 mA Output, 1000 Ohm Drive at 24 VDC Power Input
  • Signal Strength LED
  • RS-485 Output, MODBUS RTU Protocol
  • Selectable 9600 or 19.2K Baud
  • Rx and Tx LEDs, RJ45 Jack
  • Flash Microprocessor (PIC18F Series) for Program Variable Storage and Digital Calibration
  • LCD Display 2 Line x 8 Character
  • Status Alarm LED, OK, Low, Mid, High, Fault Alarm
  • Three pushbuttons, ENTER, UP, DOWN
  • Audible


TGS826 NH3 Ammonia 0 – 300 PPM 300 100 200 300
TGS832 R-134a Freon 0 – 3000 PPM 1000 1000 2000 3000
TGS822 CO Carbon Monoxide 0 – 400 PPM 100 35 50 100
ALC Ethanol 0 – 5000 PPM 1000 1000 2000 3000
TGS813 CH4 Methane 0 – 50 %LEL 20 20 30 40
C3H8 Propane 0 – 50 %LEL 20 20 30 40

NOTE: Range, Calibration Gas and Alarm Setpoints are user programmable.