VPE-6000-N Input/Output I/O Module Backplane

VPE-6000-N I/O Module Backplane

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Multipurpose I/O Process Controller

Backplane for Input/Output I/O Modules complete with DIN Clips, and Card Guides

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NOTE: WL-MIO I/O Modules are sold separately.

WL-MIO’s Backplane provides the ultimate flexibility to adapt a process control environment by landing field wiring one last time, allowing for technology insertion of controller modules (e.g. Processor, Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Power Supply), continuity of operations, and scalability, and reliability.

Any combination of up to eight WL-MIO controller modules may be inserted into one Backplane. Backplane module guides ensure correct module insertion.

Two or three conductor field wiring is fastened to gray or blue color-coded screw-in terminals associated with each Backplane module position. Each Backplane module position has twelve field wiring positions (labeled 1-12) that are defined by the associated individual WL-MIO module inserted.

For I/O devices requiring sinking to the WL-MIO, a power input screw type terminal is provided for an external power source (e.g. 24VDC power supply). The external power source may be designed for redundancy to improve WL-MIO’s process control system reliability and continuity of operations.

A WL-MIO process controller system may consist of multiple Backplanes wired together. Backplane to Backplane connection is accomplished by 5 conductor wiring terminated into screw type terminals.

Two WL-MIO Backplane options are available. Both options are DIN rail mounted. Backplane with enclosure and Backplane only are offered. When enclosed, there are module back plates to prevent access to the modules and allowing access to module ports (e.g. Processor ethernet or USB) where applicable.