VPE-6010 Power Supply I/O Module

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Multipurpose I/O Process Controller

Power Supply 5 VDC I/O Module

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NOTE: WL-MIO Backplanes are sold separately.

Power Supply 5VDC @ 4 A c/w Voltage and Current Reading

WL-MIO’s Power Supply 5 VDC module provides an integrated bus power for the processor and I/O modules that have Backplanes connected together to create a WL-MIO Processor Controller system. The modules are designed for operational redundancy and continuity of operations. Two or more Power Supply 5 VDC modules provide WL-MIO Processor Control system continuity of operations. Health monitoring consisting of input voltage, input current, output voltage, and output current is performed to enable creation of alerts to subscribing software services within the WL-MIO Processor Controller system depending on the software environment chosen.

When more than one Backplane is utilized in a WL-MIO Processor Controller system, best practices would locate the second Power Supply 5 VDC in a separate Backplane module assembly. The Power Supply 5 VDC module may be plugged into any WL-MIO Backplane position to accommodate existing or structured wiring designs or continuity of operations. WL-MIO’s Power Supply 5 VDC is hot-swappable when upgrade or replacement is required.