WL-MIO VPE-6180 Analog mA Input I/O Module  8 Channel

VPE-6180 Analog mA Input I/O Module

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Multipurpose I/O Process Controller

Analog 0 to 20 mA Input I/O Module 8 Channel, 12 Bit Resolution

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NOTE: WL-MIO Backplanes are sold separately.

Widgetlord’s proven PI-SPI and PI-SPI-DIN series of analog input modules are the basis for the design of this VPE-6180 module. Up to 8 channels of mA inputs are provided and the A/D conversion is provided using the Microchip MCP3208 Converter.

The front end can be isolated from the rest of the system by removing the Field Wiring jumpers. In this case, the field transmitters must be powered separately.

The VPE-6180 module is ideal for monitoring up to 8 loop powered 4 to 20 mA transmitters.

Up to 126 Analog mA Input modules (1008 inputs) are supported with the scalable WL-MIO Process Controller system. When a mixture of other WL-MIO I/O modules are utilized in a control design, the Analog mA Input module may be plugged into any WL-MIO Backplane position to accommodate wiring or control designs, or maintenance strategies. WL-MIO’s Analog mA Input module is hot-swappable when upgrade or replacement is required.

Block Diagram:VPE-6180 Analog mA Input Interface

Field Wiring: VPE-6180 Analog mA Input Module Filed Wiring