BCM Breaker Panel Kits

BCM Breaker Panel Kits

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BCM Branch Current Monitor breaker Panel Kits

Each BCM Breaker Panel Kit comes complete with:

Qty. 1 VPE-1911 BCM I/O Module
Qty. 2 VPE-2051 CT Strip Modules, size dependent on Panel Size ordered
Qty. 2 Ribbon Cables 26 Pin to 26 Pin, 3' long

Picture shown with 21 point CT strips

Panel Size

Ribbon Cables

24 Breakers
2 x B12
30 Breakers
2 x B15
36 Breakers
2 x B36
42 Breakers
2 x B42

For larger breaker panels, two kits can be used. For example, for a 60 breaker panel, 2 of the 30 breaker panel kits can be used. The first interface would have both CT strips on the ODD side of the panel, the second interface would have both CT strips on the EVEN side of the panel.

At the heart of the system is the VPE-1911 42 point Current Transformer I/O Module.

Standard Features:

  • Low Power (12 - 24 VDC), Nominal 24 VDC, Supplied via CAT5e Cable

  • Up to 42 Current Transformers, 21 CT's Max per Ribbon Cable connection

  • CT Load Resistor = 50 Ohms (100 Ohms on each Interface Channel, 100 Ohms on each channel on the VPE-2051 CT Strip and 100 Ohms on each channel on the VPE-2305 break out module)

  • True RMS Current Measurement

  • RS-485 Output, Half Duplex, Fault Tolerant Isolated Driver IC, 2 x RJ45 Jack (Power and Data)

  • MODBUS RTU Protocol, ID Dipswitch Selectable, Baud Rate Jumper Selectable (9600 or 19.2K Baud)

  • ICE FPGA as Main Processor

  • High Precision 16 bit A/D Converter

  • 1500 VAC Isolation Between Signal Conditioning and Communication Circuits

  • DIN Rail Enclosure 4.375" DIN Length x 3.5" Wide x 1.375"High (Above DIN Rail)

  • LED Indicators, Power (Blue), RS485 Tx(Red) and Rx (Green), Fault (Red), Heatbeat (Green)