PI-SPI-DIN-4000 Multi I/O Interface for the Raspberry Pi

PI-SPI-DIN-4000 Multi I/O Interface for the Raspberry Pi

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The PI-SPI-DIN-4000 Interface for the Raspberry Pi is a complete automation solution. This multi I/O interface combines 4 analog inputs, 2 isolated digital inputs, 2 relay outputs and 1 RS485 port into one seamless module for the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi NOT included.


  • Power Input 9 to 36 VDC (Typically 24 VDC for fixed systems or 12 VDC for battery operated systems) via terminal block or 2.1 x 5 mm Barrel Plug
  • 0.5" aluminum spacers for the Raspberry Pi complete with 40 pin to 26 pin GPIO ribbon cable (included)
  • DIN Rail mounting clips (2) (Optional)
  • 5VDC @ 3A for the Raspberry Pi, provided via the 40 Pin to 26 pin GPIO ribbon cable
  • RS485 via terminal block (for Modbus RTU applications)
  • 2 Channels Isolated (Opto-Coupler) Digital Inputs ( Same as the PI-SPI-DIN-8DI)
  • 2 Relay Outputs, contacts Rated at 2 Amp (K1 SPDT, K2 NO)
  • 2 Analog Inputs A1 and A2, 4 - 20 mA
  • 2 Analog Inputs A3 and A4, Jumper Selectable for 0 to 15 VDC or 0 to 30 VDC Input
  • Dimensions: 4" x 3.375"

Block Diagram:

PI-SPI-DIN-4000 Raspberry Pi Interface Block Diagram

Field Connections:

Raspberry Pi Interface PI-SPI-DIN-4000



The Pi-SPI-DIN-4000 comes in three different options:

-PCB just the board complete with spacers and ribbon cable

 PI-SPI-DIN-PCB Raspberry Pi Interface

-CLIP same as -PCB but with 2 DIN clips for DIN rail mounting