PI-SPI-PROTO Input/Output I/O Module for Prototyping

Pi-SPi-PROTO Raspberry Pi Prototyping I/O Module Interface

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The is a prototyping I/O Module interface for the Raspberry PI. The Pi-SPi-PROTO I/O Module has room for DIP style components, access to the full 40 PIN GPIO bus, terminal block input/output, and more.


  • Identical foot print to the RPi 3
  • Separate field power input (24VDC) for user circuits
  • 5VDC BUS and LED indicator
  • 3.3VDC BUS and LED indicator
  • Terminal Block user I/O circuits
  • Field Power input jack

Pi-SPi-PROTO Accessories: (Sold Separately)

  • Pi-SPi-PS-24VDC Field Power Supply
  • Pi-SPi-CABLE-40x26-2 (40 Pin to 26 Pin x 2")
  • Pi-SPi-CABLE-40x40-2 (40 Pin to 40 Pin x 2")
  • Pi-SPi-CABLE-26x26-2 (26 Pin to 26 Pin x 2")
  • Pi-SPi-MTG-HDW Mounting hardware 4x1/2" Aluminum spaces c/w 8 4-40 Stainless Steel Screws