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Multipurpose I/O Process Controller
Starter Kit

This WL-MIO starter kit contains the follow items:

  • Qty. 1 VPE-6000-N Backplane
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6010 5 VDC Power Supply
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6020 Carrier Card for Raspberry Pi
  • Qty. 1 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB c/w 16GB SD c/w libwlmio
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6040 4 Channel Analog Input (SDAFE) Module
  • Qty. 1 VPE-6030 4 Channel Relay Output Module

This kit contains everything you need to get started with the WL-MIO Multipurpose Process Controller. The Raspberry Pi comes with a 16 GB SD card pre-loaded with the "libwlmio" library and demo code.

For more information, please visit wlmio.com