Modbus LCD Display with Internal Temperature Sensor for Automation Applications

VP Process has just released a new LCD package, the VP-EC-RDU-MINI for automation applications.

This LCD has a Modbus RTU RS485 interface, is fully programmable (there are 3 pushbuttons on the controller pcb - UP, DOWN and ENTER), has dual wiring ports for easy wiring, and operates from 9 to 24 VDC!

Another feature is the pcb mounted temperature sensor that can be read via the Modbus functions and also displayed on the LCD itself.

The interface shown above uses the Raspberry Pi 3 with the PI-SPI-DIN-RTC-RS485 interface module. The display, being RS485, can be up to 4000 feet away from RPi interface. As shown above, the wiring is a standard Cat5e cable which carries power and the RS485 signals.

Here is the controller module:

The power input is a wide 9 to 24 VDC and can be applied via the RJ45 jacks, the barrel plugs, or the terminal block.

Programming is as simple as pressing the 3 pushbuttons together and following the instructions. For added security, there is a programmable password (4 digit PIN).

All mounting hardware (6-32 screws and spacers) are included int the package.

Here is another picture of the connections to the RPi:

 For more information and specs, please visit the product page:










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