Modbus TCP Gateway for the WL-MIO Series

Modbus TCP Gateway

 Field Wiring Side

WL-MIO Raspberre Pi Industrial PLC Controller

 Network Connection Side

WL-MIO Raspberry Pi PLC Modbus TCP Gateway


VP Process Inc. has added a Modbus TCP Gateway software library for the WL-MIO Process Controller.

For more information on basic Modbus protocols, please visit the Wikipedia page:

The Application Note WL-MIO-AN-30200 describes how to download and install the Modbus TCP Gateway sofwtare. This application note lists all the registers for reading and writing all the modules in the WL-MIO system.

For PLC applications that use the IEC 61131 protocol (CODESYS and OpenPLC), the Modbus TCP Gateway is supported in those applications. This allows the WL-MIO series to be supported (via Modbus TCP) in any application that is written in CODESYS or OpenPLC.

A sample project in CODESYS can be found in the Application Note WL-MIO-AN30300.

A sample project in OpenPLC can be found in the Application Note WL-MIO-AN30400.





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