Pi-SPi-8AI Raspberry Pi Analog Input 4-20 mA Module

Pi-SPi-8AI Raspberry Pi Temperature Sensor I/O Module Kit

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The Pi-SPi-8AI+ Temperature Sensor Kit is pre-configured for 8 Thermistor Inputs. The kit includes:

  • Qty 1 Pi-SPi-8AI+ I/O Module with thermistor inputs (fully assembled and tested
  • Qty 1 40 Pin to 26 Pin Interface Cable for the RPi
  • Qty 1 10K Thermistor Temperature Sensor with 36" wire leads
  • Qty 3 10K Thermistor Temperature Sensors

Port Pins Used:

CS_8AI     (GPIO7)


  • Identical foot print to the RPi 4
  • Each module has its own 3.3VDC LDO regulator operating from the RPi 5VDC bus
  • No loading on the RPi 3.3VDC bus
  • Terminal Blocks forThermistor Input
  • LED indicators for power
  • Dual GPIO connectors (left and right)
  • MCP3208 A/D Converter with 12 bit resolution
  • Each analog signal buffered (1/4 LM324 Op Amp)
  • Inputs 1 thru 8 are configured for Thermistor Inputs
  • Module is powered from the Raspberry Pi



PCB Layout

Sample Software (Python)

Please download the latest Widgetlords libwidgetlords library. The instructions can be found at

Getting Started with PI-SPI Libraries

All of the sample code examples are based on the latest library installation. Please note the code samples all use Python 3.

The PI-SPI-8AI sample code programs and instructions can be found at

PI-SPI-8AI Python Code Samples

A complete set of Python demo code examples for the PI-SPI and PI-SPI-DIN series can be found on our GitHub repository: