Serial Converter, Raspberry Pi, RS485, RS232, Zigbee, USB, TTL

Serial Converter, Raspberry Pi to Zigbee, RS485, RS232, USB, TTL

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Convert the Raspberry Pi expansion port RX and TX lines to USB, RS485, RS232, TTL, AND Zigbee Wireless. OR convert from RS485 to RS232, USB to Zigbee, any combination is possible with the SUT (Serial Converter Tool).

The SUT uses the FTDI chip FT232RL IC for the USB interface.

The SUT will automatically convert one protocol to another, even has an automatic RS485 direction control. Works with Baud rates from 2400 to 19200.

The SUT can be used to program the Digi International Zigbee radio modules using the X-CTU program, which is a free download form the Digi site.

The KIT and PRIO versions have a power supply that can be powered from any wall mount power supply DC ranged 9 to 24 VDC. Great for powereing circuits that require 5VDC and 3.3 VDC. Also, projects that require field power for RS485 circuits use the input VDC as the RS485 field VDC.

NOTE: Zigbee Modules are sold separately.

BASIC: The SUT is fully assembled, only the Raspberry Pi expansion port, USB connector and Zigbee Wireless sockets are populated. Power for the serial converter is supplied either from the USB connection or the Raspberry Pi connection.

KIT: The SUT is fully assembled, with all connectors and External Power Supply supplied loose.

PRO: The KIT version is fully assembled, soldered, tested and ready to go!