VPE-6050 Analog Output mA

VPE-6050 Analog Output mA

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Multipurpose I/O Process Controller

Analog Output 0-20 mA Module 4 Channel

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NOTE: WL-MIO Backplanes are sold separately.

4 Channel Analog Output Module, 0 - 20 mA

WL-MIO’s Analog Output 0-20 mA module provides connection up to four channels of 0 – 22 mA programmable current loop. Each 16 bit channel is independently programmed to a specific current loop range that supports a mix of devices. Electrical isolation from field devices for each channel is provided by two field power jumpers (+V and COM) on the module. Utilizing the two field jumpers, current sinking or sourcing is supported depending on the attached I/O devices or field power design.

Up to 126 Analog Output 0-20 mA modules (504 outputs) are supported with the scalable WL-MIO Process Controller system. When a mixture of other WL-MIO I/O modules are utilized in a control design, the Analog Output 0-20 mA module may be plugged into any WL-MIO Backplane position to accommodate existing or structured wiring designs. WL-MIO’s Analog Output 0-20 mA module is hot-swappable when upgrade or replacement is required.