Raspberry Pi DIN Rail I/O Interfaces

VP Process Inc has released three new modules in the PI-SPI-DIN series of DIN rail mountable interface modules:

PCB's mounted with DIN rail clips:


and DIN Rail Enclosures:


At the heart of the PI-SPI-DIN Series is the main controller module that supports the Raspberry Pi:


This main module accepts field power of 9 to 24 VDC and power the RPi through the 26 Pin GPIO interconnect cable. Basic specs are:

  • Power Input: 9 to 24 VDC
  • 5VDC @ 2.5A (Max 3Amp) Power Supply
  • RS485 Output via RJ45 connector and Terminal Block
  • 2 GPIO connectors - 1 internal for Raspberry Pi, 1 external for peripherals
  • 1 PI-SPI-DIN connector (16 Pin) for PI-SPI-DIN series (power, SPI, I2C and 5 Chip Enables)
  • Real Time Clock (I2C) Microchip MCP7940 with Battery Backup

The 16 pin interconnect ribbon cable allows for up to 12 PI-SPI-DIN modules of types to be connected together. The cable carried power to each interface module along with the 3 SPI lines, 2 I2C lines and 5 Chip Select Lines (GPIO's).

Industrial grade designs, terminal blocks and enclosures are used to make the PI-SPI-DIN series a rugged, "Hardened" interface system for applications using the Raspberry Pi.

Each module in the PI-SPI-DIN series has a local input power (from the ribbon cable) to 5 VDC switching power supply and 3.3 VDC LDO regulator power supply. The design feature keeps the 5VDC on the main module supporting the RPi clean and free from loading from the interfaces.

The three modules released so far are the:

PI-SPI-DIN-8AI : An 8 channel 4-20 mA Input interface based on the 12 Bit Microchip MCP3208 A/D converter. Each input can be re-configured (changing resistors and capacitors) for either a VDC input or Thermistor input for temperature applications.

PI-SPI-DIN-8DI : An 8 channel Isolated Digital Inptu interface based on the Microchip MCP23S08 I/O Expander. This design has 4 addresses that allow 4 interfaces to be connected together for a total of 32 Inputs, all of 1 chip select. The inputs accept up to 24 VDC or 24 VAC, or switch inputs.

PI-SPI-DIN-4KO ; A 4 channel relay output module. Each relay is rated at 2 AAC and is SPDT. The design is based on the Microchip MCP23S08 I/O Expander. This design has 4 addresses that allow 4 interfaces to be connected together for a total of 16 relay outputs.

Due for release very soon is the PI-SPI-DIN-4AO, a 4 channel analog 4-20mA output module.

Update March 2018

The PI-SPI-DIN-4AO has been released!

VP Process Inc has created a launched on GitHub a new set of Python libraries for the PI-SPI and PI-SPI-DIN series of products.


 Node-Red support is now available.






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